The topics covered in this episode of technical tips are:

  1. InterForm400: The Toolshed jobs
  2. InterForm400: New behaviour
  3. InterForm400: The universal font wizard
  4. InterForm400: Interface with any archive solution with MRGTPLVAR
  5. InterForm400: Print/PDF in special code pages
  6. InterForm400: How to install
  7. InterForm400: Important PTF for 2018 versions
  8. InterForm400: How to save a spooled file
  9. InterForm400: How to export


1. InterForm400 version 2018 – The Toolshed jobs

Something new in the 2018 versions of InterForm400 is the toolshed jobs inside the Auto Forms Control subsystem. You need to run the subsystem (and the toolshed jobs) for the PDF concat option (Advanced PDF module is also required), and for the color image install in the designer.

See video here - 01:00 min


2. InterForm400 version 2018 - New behaviour

With the 2018 versions of InterForm400, the New behaviour has been implemented for all overlay types. This is the default behaviour for a new overlay, and the way to use InterForm400 going forward. It makes rotations and reuse of suboverlays a lot easier. New behaviour is however not supported for IPL output (Intermec Printer Language), which you should avoid and use Intermec Direct Protocol instead.

See video here - 01:31 min

3. InterForm400 version 2018 - The universal font wizard

A new feature of the 2018 version of InterForm400 is what I like to call the universal font wizard. Support for as good as any codepage has been included in InterForm400 for many years, but now we have made it much more simple to setup the required fonts. This new wizard will setup everything you need, and still give a lot of flexibility. After using this wizard you just need to select the right codepage, when you do the merge in InterForm400.

See video here - 03:18 min

4. InterForm400 version 2018 - Interface with any archive solution with MRGTPLVAR

A new command, APF3812/MRGTPLVAT (Merge template with variables) is included in the 2018 versions of InterForm400. On the surface the small command may not look like much, but it can really make your life easier e.g. if you want to interface with an archive solution. A typical challenge for archiving is not only to produce a PDF file, but also to provide an index file for the archive. The requirements of the index file are set by the archive solution and it can be necessary to create it e.g. as an xml file or a text file in some special encoding, and the file need to be formatted in a particular way. But this is very each with the MRGTPLVAR command: It does a search and replace of variables in a pre-formatted template input file – hence the name of the command.

See video here - 02:16 min

5. InterForm400 - Print/PDF in special code pages

InterForm400 can print in any code page. If you want to print in special code page pages outside latin1 e.g. Cyrillic, Greek or even Chinese, then you need to install a soft font in InterForm400 (for that code page), and link it with the specific font number used. The easiest way is to use the Font wizard as described in the No3. above (The universal font wizard), but it is also possible to use the same font number for all the code pages, and just add an additional soft font for the specific code page and link it to the existing font number in Auto-download specifications. So in short: Do not create additional font numbers for each new code page, that is not necessary. Below a video shows how to add support for Cyrillic printing.

See video here - 03:59 min  

6. InterForm400 - How to install

It’s probably no secret how to install InterForm400. One way to restore the library from the SAVF3812 library is the RSTLIBPC.EXE file. But do you also know, that you can upload and restore any library from a save file (SAVLIB) with the same RSTLIBPC file? This video describes the complete install of InterForm400, that can be referenced to for new customers, but it also shows how the RSTLIPC function works.

See video here - 04:54 min

7. InterForm400 - Important PTF for 2018 versions

We have found an issue in the 2018 versions of InterForm400 concerning PDF file creation with PDF file naming definitions. In some very unusual setups, the PDF files are not created or given a wrong name. You can prevent this if you install this PTF:

The PTF file should be placed in the IFS inside /APF3812Home/PTFs and installed via the service menu in InterForm400.

You can also upgrade to the latest 2018 version (Version 2018M04 has been released, and it includes the PTF).

InterForm400 - How to save a spooled file

For support cases, we are often asked how a spooled file can be saved. From V5R4 that can be done via OS400, but it is much easier to save it in InterForm400. This video shows how that is done.

See video here - 01:23 min


9. InterForm400 - How to export

You can copy InterForm400 resources to another machine e.g. for support cases with the export/import facility. The procedure to export is described in the video below. Please notice, that you do not need to export all your resources, but it is easy to export only the referenced resources for e.g. an overlay or overlay selector.

See video here - 04:28 min

The topics covered in previous episode of technical tips are:

  1. InterForm400: How to handle the license code on a mirrored machine (HA)
  2. InterForm400: How to optimize your label print
  3. InterForm400: Multi-Up – also called N-Up
  4. InterForm400: How to export resources
  5. InterForm400: How to save a spooled file

1. InterForm400: How to handle the license code on a mirrored machine (HA)

A question we are often asked : We are running InterForm400 on a mirrored (HA – High Availability) machine, so we need to know: Which object should we exclude from the mirroring, so that the two installations of InterForm400 can run with different license codes?
So the problem is: There are two machines, and they have different serial numbers, so they cannot share the same license key.
The answer is: You should not exclude any object in the APF3812 library from the mirroring. Instead you should insert both licenses on the source machine.

InterForm400: High Availability Mirroring license code

This video shows how easy it is to maintain license codes in a HA (High Availability) or Mirroring setup.
See video here - 03:56 min  

2. How to optimize your label print

Learn or refresh your knowledge of how to ensure the best quality of your label print output.
In collaboration with Zebra Technologies, we have previously published three short videos to help ensure you the best label print quality. The videos cover some of the most important considerations for setting up and optimizing your print output. 

1. How to improve label print quality See video here - 02:21 min     

2. Selecting the right label printer - See video here - 03:45 min  

3. Increasing label printer performance - See video here - 02:47 min   

3. InterForm400: Multi-Up – also called N-Up

In InterForm400, it is possible to place multiple input pages on a single output page. You can e.g. use Multi-Up=2 to place two input pages on each output page. That can e.g. be used, if you want to create a booklet with two A5 pages on each A4 output page. This video shows how easy it is to set up.

In this example we place 2 input pages on each output page. See video here - 02:10 min 

4. InterForm400: How to export resources

The export/import feature of InterForm400 is a great tool, when you want to include resources e.g. in a support ticket.

It can however be a problem for our support, either when some resources are missing, or if someone decides to export all resources in a huge export file for a simple support question. The export/Import feature is very flexible (you can e.g. rename resources in the export/import), and there a many options, so for some it might seem confusing. To help those I have created a video, that shows what to do, if you want to export an overlay with referenced images, font, soft fonts and auto download information – i.e. all that is needed to replicate an issue with an overlay. 

How to export resources. See video here - 04:28 min

5. InterForm400: How to save a spooled file

For support issues, we will often ask for a copy of the input spooled file. A text file or a screen shot will normally not be enough. It is possible to save a whole output queue, but the fastest way is normally to save the spooled file in InterForm400 as an .if1 stream file.

This video shows how to save a spooled file. See video here - 01:23 min.

16. The Modules

Embedded PDF
Embedded any file format into PDF files

Digital Signature / PDF Security
PDF encryption, password protection and digital signatures

Easy spool file conversion to Excel for IBM i

Simple and easy mail merge for IBM i (OfficeVision replacement)


XML generates synergy between you and your clients

Connect any printer to InterForm400

Intelligent spool archiving for InterForm400

InterFax400 LIGHT
Distributes documents directly via fax (Batch)

InterFax400 PRO
Distributes documents directly via fax (Batch, Interactive & multiple fax lines)