InterForm400 Version 2017 is now available.

The link below will take you to our download page.

Once you have filled out the correct information you will receive an email with everything required to upgrade InterForm :

Follow the below link to the feature list of InterForm400 2017 (and previous versions) :

Important Version Information !

Patch (PTF) support is only available for current version of InterForm400 and two years previous versions.

For example, if the current version is 2017.M02 then patch (PTF) support is available for 2015.M01 to 2017.M02.
When 2018.M01 is released next year this will be 2016.M01 to 2018.M99.

If you are running older versions of InterForm please update ASAP to ensure you can get patches (PTFs) if required.


Important Information about Java 1.8

Java (JRE) 1.8 has been released, but unfortunately we have found, that neither InterFormNG nor the InterForm400 designer runs under Java 1.8. So if you want to run InterFormNG or the InterForm400 Designer while Java 1.8 is installed, then you need also to have an earlier Java version installed (e.g. Java 1.7).  If you have multiple Java versions installed you will need to force InterFormNG and the InterForm400 designer to use a specific version.

Workaround for the InterForm400 Designer

Here you need to create a new bat file. In this bat file we set an environment variable and then start the designer, so as a preliminary workaround you will need to run the bat file when you want to start the designer. The bat file should have these 2 lines as the contents:

set JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jre7

"C:\Program Files\InterForm\InterForm Design\Design.exe"

You need to change the first path above to the path of your Java installation.

(If you are running ArtForm400 you need also to change the path to the designer).

InterForm 400 - The Modules

Embedded PDF
Embedded any file format into PDF files

Digital Signature / PDF Security
PDF encryption, password protection and digital signatures

Easy spool file conversion to Excel for IBM i

Simple and easy mail merge for IBM i (OfficeVision replacement)


XML generates synergy between you and your clients

Connect any printer to InterForm400

Intelligent spool archiving for InterForm400

InterFax400 LIGHT
Distributes documents directly via fax (Batch)

InterFax400 PRO
Distributes documents directly via fax (Batch, Interactive & multiple fax lines)