Security is crucial in the IBM i environment. With the PDF Security module you can send your electronic documents in a secure way. PDF Security both encrypts and password protects the documents as well as uses digital certificates to ensure that only the intended receiver can open the documents.


  • Encryption and password protection of PDF files
  • User authentication through digital certificates

Bottom Line

The PDF security module will enable you to encrypt and password protect your PDF documents preventing un-intended people to read your business documents and correspondence. The password protection will enable you to apply a Master password and user password. Thereby you have one password for your own organisation and a particular one for the recepient of the documents.


The digital signature module allows you to send legal documents like invoices electronically and thereby your company still qualifies for tax reduction. Eliminating the need for sending out legal documents e.g. invoices by mail will result in huge savings on cost e.g on printing, stamps and envelopes. Most significantly it will reduce the time you use on manual handling the documents, hence giving significantly reduced cost and increased productivity of your work

Cost savings

The PDF security module will enable you to send virtually any kind of business document and correspondence via e-mail and thereby reduce or completely eliminate the use of mail postage and facsimile costs. Most organisations are not aware of the amount of money used each year on postage and fax related cost, however switching to using e-mail will result in a ROI of the security module withing 1 year.

Requirements for using PDF-Security

InterForm Version
2009 (or 2008.M509 certificate)


Software based signatures
PKCS#12 (.pfx) w/ x.509 certificate

Smart Card based signatures
D-TRUST mass signature card
PKCS#15 w/ X.509 v3 certificate,

Smart Card reader
SCM Microsystems – ehealth200 (stt200),

PDF Encryption
Standard PDF Encryption 1.4 (Version 2, Revision 3)
28 bit RC4 encryption
MD5 Hash Algorithm

PDF Signature
Standard Adobe PPK Lite signature handler
PKCS#7 Signature Format encapsulation

IBM Security software
57xxAC3 Crypto Access Provider 128-bit (Not required for V5R4 or later)
57xxSS1 option 34 Digital Certificate Manager
57xxSS1option 35 CCA Cryptographic Service Provider

Specific for software based digital signatures
57xxJV1 option 6 Java Developer Kit 1.4

Support for SmartCard Reader devices requires
57xxJV1 option 7 Java 5.0 (Can be installed on V5R3 with PTF SE19469)
or 57xxJV1 option 8 J2SE 5.0 32 bit
or 57xxJV1 option 9 J2SE 5.0 64 bit


Using software based digital signature
Directive 1999/93/EC of the European Parliament and of the
Council of 13 December 1999 on a Community framework for
electronic signatures (unless country specific legislation)

Using SmartCards based digital signatures
German Digital Signature Act (Signaturgesetz – SigG)