Convert printer files into XML without position mapping and programming!  

InterXML lets you breathe new life into old applications, send data from your IBM i (AS400 / iSeries) applications without having to involve a PC or other device, and add flexibility and efficiency to your workflow.

InterXML gives you the ability to transform an IBM i printer file into XML-based output in just a matter of seconds. There’s no need to send your file through a series of processes across different platforms; Instead, InterXML is able to generate XML in a process that does not require any programming or mapping of spool file positions! It is a process that runs automatically and does not require any hands on manipulation or extra work on your end.

xml output.png

Today, XML has become the preferred language for communicating between applications. That means many legacy IBM i applications are left out in the cold. InterXML breathes new life into them, allowing their data to be passed to any platform.

InterXML also has some compelling benefits in and of itself:

  • It runs natively on the IBM i.
  • It is able to generate XML in just seconds.
  • It includes full UNICODE support.
  • Old applications can be revived and made useful again simply with access to XML output capabilities.
  • When combined with InterFormNG, you can output to PDF, EMAIL, Labels, and even print directly in our graphical environment on the IBM i!