WinPrint allows you to connect all types of printers with a windows driver to InterForm400. In less than 5 minutes you are ready to print on printers no matter how they are attached - including USB, Parallel port and LAN connected


  • Allows InterForm400 to output to any printer
  • Implemented in less than 5 minutes
  • Cost saving module
  • Increases hardware support signicantly
  • All printers are visible on the host
  • No need for reprogramming

Bottom Line

The classic version of InterForm400 is "limited" to print via HP PCL4+5, Zebra ZPL and Intermec IPL compatible printers. It's fast and ecient - but there may be situations where you would like to send output to other types of printers.

The WinPrint module solves this challenge. It is now possible to use any printer in the network, regardless of brand and type. E.g. Datamax, Sato, Meto, Eltron and many more.

Quick and Easy
All you have to do is to install a small WinPrint client on a PC / Server and you are ready to print. In less than ve minutes - regardless whether the printer is USB, parallel port or LAN connected.