InterForm400 Suite

The worlds most powerful OutPut Management tool for the IBM i (AS/400 - iSeries)

IBM i AS/400 Printing

IBM i AS/400 Printing

The Video

InterForm400 is an IBM i software solution enabling formatting, distribution and archiving of your reports.


  • PC Graphical designer for designing electronic forms

  • Any Laser, Zebra(ZPLII) or InterMec (IPL) printer supported

  • Generation of PDF files e.g. for storage

  • Automatic E-mail distribution of PDF documents

  • Barcode, RFID & Label printing

  • Full DBCS & Unicode support

Bottom Line
Cost savings, improved corporate ID, flexibility and independence. These are some of the key words that characterizes the InterForm400 solution.

Cost savings

Due to making pre-printed stationary redundant and due to the optimized distribution process of documents, either via distributed print or sending the documents via e-mail.

Flexibility as InterForm400 enables you to design your own business documents and mapping the spool data according to your designed forms.

Independence is offered as you do not have to rely on the ERP vendor's assistance when wanting to change the look of your documents and even additional data can be retrieved into your documents.

The Core

E-forms and Document Management System for IBM i

The Modules

Advanced PDF
Enterprise PDF software for any ERP system

Easy spool file conversion to Excel for IBM i

Simple and easy mail merge for IBM i (OfficeVision replacement)

XML generates synergy between you and your clients

Connect any printer to InterForm400

Intelligent spool archiving for InterForm400

InterFax400 LIGHT
Distributes documents directly via fax (Batch)

InterFax400 PRO
Distributes documents directly via fax (Batch, Interactive & multiple fax lines)