InterWord400 is the clever OfficeVision400 replacement. Merge your spool data with templates created on any PC word processor supporting Rich Text Format. The synergy between InterForm400 and InterWord400 results in a fuly automated letter distribution solution.


  • InterWord400 is a native IBM i (AS400 / iSeries) tool for letter distribution
  • RTF-format documents are stored in IFS for mail merge with data from Queries or files
  • Batch processing of complete folders with OV/400 documents
  • Pre-viewing from an iSeries entry screen
  • OV/400 assistant for conversion of most common text formatting features into RTF

Bottom Line

InterWord400 offers the unique feature of merging data from the host with document templates, created in any PC word processor supporting Rich Text Format, and creating output to the host spool system in PCL. InterWord400 can be used on personal workstations and/or for high volume document production.

The synergy between InterWord400 and InterForm400 results in a fully automated letter distribution solution.