Introducing IceBreak from SpaceTEC

IceBreak is the most Advanced Web Development Environment for IBM Power i (AS/400) - enabling you to build powerful web applications on the IBM System i server platform. You can even reuse your RPG coding skills and legacy code, and build HTML within Dreamweaver or Visual Studio. Learn More

Add IceQuery and IceCap for even greater functionality!


IceCap can convert your existing applications into a modern graphical web application in just 10 minutes... Learn More

IceQuery (for Query/400) Business Intelligence & Analytics

Data queries are distributed in a web browser using IceQuery. It provides an intuitive and accessible interface that allows users many benefits, from day one. Learn More

Even more features!

Mobile enablement

Using IceBreak and IceCap you can develop, deploy, IBM i mobile web applications faster and then deliver your existing applications to mobile devices without changing your underlying technology. Learn More

RPG Web Services

You can create SOA compliant Web Services from any RPG application in a few easy steps without the requirements of additional hardware or introducing complex new programming languages like Java and .net."RPG Web Services" can provide and consume Web Services which are SOAP and WSDL compliant. Learn More