IceCap is...

an efficient and user friendly tool to modernize the character based "green screen" 5250 environment on IBM i™

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IceCap adds immediately an intuitive web interface to your existing RPG, COBOL and CL programs. The new interface adds a wide range of integration opportunities.

IceCap ensures decades of investments. All while saving massive investment in new hardware, software, conversion and training.


The fast track to modernisation on IBM i™

The modernization of the character based "green screen" 5250 environment requires IceCap. It’s an efficient tool and very easy to use.

IceCap can create a genuine web interface for IBM i™ in only 10 minutes!

immediately adding an intuitive web interface for the old character-based applications.

Use IceCap to:

  • Modernize applications
  • Automate update of all panels
  • Add new features without program changes
  • Use the Web 2.0 technology that provides the genuine Windows look-and-feel
  • Enhance your business opportunities with Web access and Web Services
  • IceCap provides immediate lifetime extensions to all applications, securing your software and hardware investments for the foreseeable future.

Webify now and enhance your business opportunities

IceCap can immediately add an intuitive web interface to your existing RPG, COBOL and CL programs.

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The new interface adds a wide range of integration opportunities:

  • Webshop
  • Web Services
  • Website for self-service
  • Integration to MS Office
  • Integration to mobile devices


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IceCap™ can be used by all types of Internet browsers.

All users can access their applications without the need of installing additional software on their computers. IceCap™ does not require ActiveX components or other plug-ins.

Support for all platforms

IceCap™ supports; Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari – and will run on Windows, Linux and Mac OS / X.
Web applications can be activated via hyperlinks from most applications, intranet, extranet, or directly from the Internet. The “Authorized-Auto-Login” feature will ensure that the information can be retrieved or updated, without constantly requiring password. IceCap™ supports all character sets and works perfectly in international organizations.

Give your customers a VIP entrance via the Internet

Customers, partners and mobile employees can now, via IceCap™, get access to selected parts of your Business Solution via their computers or phones. They can instant access to order registration, sales prices, inventory status, order status, etc.