Along with the increased use of the PDF format, business processes and routines have changed and where possible PDFs and email are used instead of hard-copy. A growing number of users are moving to reduce their physical output and are instead looking to share information electronically whereever possible.

With InterFormNG you can generate PDF documents to your exact specifications with our WYSIWYG design tool. The PDF files support UNICODE and are 100% searchable and will therefore be compatible with every electronic archive. 

The PDF format is used today in many different situations, including electronic invoicing and electronic archiving. The obvious advantages include cost savings, a reduced carbon footprint, and improved customer service, among many others.

Distribute PDF files via email

With InterFormNG users can create email templates for specific countries, languages, customers, products, etc. There are virtually limitless possibilities to how you can combine email and PDF, and all of them will contribute to huge cost savings. Did you know? You save more than £1.71 by sending an email instead of a letter. 

Since InterFormNG is not ONLY a PDF and email product, you can combine all of our output channels to create an efficient workflow, allowing you to focus on your core business.