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Business document printing

Are you printing invoices, order confirmations, pick lists, delivery notes, statements, etc.?
InterFormNG offers efficient solutions to all of your business document needs.

With InterFormNG you can design business documents exactly as you like, whether to advance your corporate identity or to conform to specific guidelines from suppliers with our WYSIWYG graphic design tool.

Creating international documents in Chinese, German, English or Russian can be done easily as InterFormNG comes with full UNICODE support.

InterFormNG supports both Postscript and PCL, enabling easy laser printing. Simply select the printer you want to use — local or remote — according to preference or the XML output. 

Key functionality:

  • Watermarks
  • Calculations
  • Full barcode support
  • Full Image support
  • Conditional elements
  • Language control
  • Column
  • Much much more

Example – As you are printing an Invoice why not print labels according to the order in the warehouse automatically?Since InterForm is not ONLY a laser printing product you can combine our output channels to create an efficient workflow for your business. As an example, when printing an invoice, InterFormNG will also print the order labels to the warehouse automatically.

You can even combine the laser printing, PDF, email and label printing functions into the same workflow.

Try InterFormNG for laser printing by downloading the product