Label and barcode printing are increasingly important in today’s business world as the demand for adding barcodes to products and packaging has increased significantly during the last decade.

The interactions between the buyers and suppliers of physical goods often involve labels and barcodes, in one way or another. Whether you want to print labels for products, pallets, documents or something else, InterFormNG is the best tool for the job.

With InterFormNG you can design labels to your specifications — whether to project your corporate identity or to conform to specific guidelines — with our WYSIWYG graphic design tool.

Creating labels in Chinese, German, English or Russian can be done easily, as InterFormNG includes full UNICODE support.

Design any kind of label directly with our intuitive and easy to use design tool.

Barcodes supported:

  • GS1-128
  • PDF417
  • CODE 128
  • QR
  • EAN 128
  • EAN_13
  • CODE_39
  • ITF 14
  • and more

In many industries special guidelines are required for labels. Organizations like the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG), the Health Industry Business Communications Council, GS1 and the Uniform Commercial Code have published specific guidelines for labels and barcodes.

Since InterFormNG is not ONLY a label printing product you can combine our output channels to create an efficient workflow for your business. As an example, while printing an invoice, you could take advantage of InterFormNG’s expanded functionality to also automatically print order labels and a pick list to be sent to your warehouse. You can even combine the laser printing, PDF, email and label printing functions into the same workflow.

Learn about how packaging giant Elopak prints 500.000 labels annually with InterFormNG