Get full transmission overview

The BlueSeries Web Client makes it possible to get the full transmission log in browser - wherever you are!

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The Web client monitors all incoming and outgoing transmissions – ranging from fax, to email and files sent via FTP. The client will display all steps in a transmission. You can see if it is queued, communicating and if it either ended normally or is interrupted due to errors or manual intervention.

All in- and outgoing transmissions are displayed in the log with a Transmission ID and Time Stamp. A right click allows access for debug using a detailed log of each transmission.

It is simple to use to keep, delete or resend transmissions. A filter function helps to improve the overview and can easily identify interrupted transmissions or locate transmission that needs to be resent.

One click and the content of a transmission is displayed graphically. And all transmission properties are displayed in the header in the preview image. All entries in the transmissions logs are stored in an optional number of days.