Sitemule launched at IBM Mobile Event 2014

It made quite a stir when sitemule was presented at the IBM mobile event in Copenhagen. And that might not come as a surprise since sitemule is the brand new way of thinking business online


Presenting 4th generation web

This was the first public display of sitemule, the 4th generation communications tool for websites, webshops and customized apps. Sitemule is all about bringing every bit of corporate business process to the web on a PC or any mobile device. It’s truly amazing to enable this kind of technology on the old 5250 environment.

Access IBM i™ data directly from a modern interface

The new idea was received with a great deal of attention and interest by the audience. Because this is not only a 1-1 conversion of 5250 in a new type of display, as we see it from well-known IBM modernization products. Sitemule is not replication of data from the 5250 environment in new design, but communication on a whole new level, based on user premises and composed of corporate data-fragmented, mixed and put together again in a completely new context. This is what mobile innovation is all about, to provide information and the opportunity for dialogue, anywhere at any time. It’s business everywhere.

The future is exciting

Here at sitemule, we expect lot of this amazing product that works directly on the corporate data and processes. Without any intermediate servers and with the possibility to create all sorts of websites, webshops and complete amazing programs that individually can fulfill tasks and remove manual workloads - from one and the same data and business core.