Optional forwarding forms for Fax

Fax modems can be connected in three different ways.

Faxing from BlueSeries can be performed through:

  • The internal modem that is standard issue in all IBM i™
  • Via the V.24 line and an external modem.
  • Via TCP/IP using a fax modem that is connected to a Thin Device Server.


Multiple fax lines 

It is possible to operate multiple TCP/IP fax lines from the same IBM i™ and distribute the fax line lines on different locations. Each location must however have its own Device Server and fax modems. You will need one fax modem per fax line. The different connection forms can be combined. You can connect as many fax lines you want.

First line is included

BlueSeries Fax is delivered with one (1) fax line. Additional fax lines must be ordered separately. Count one (1) external fax modem per telephone line.

Internal modems

The internal IBM i™ modems can (depending on type) connect direct with one to four telephone lines. The internal modem must be ordered/installed with fax capabilities. Multiple internal modems can be installed in your IBM i™.

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