Management Software Solution for GSK

GSK (Consumer Healthcare) Germany purchased three InterForm400 output management software applications. Two of these were for their IBM iSeries 830 P40 and 720 P20 at their operation in Buhl in Germany, and one for their IBM iSeries 730 P40 in the UK.

SpaceTec staff visited their site in Buhl to set-up the InterForm400 application, which was then deployed across all of their European sites. In addition, GSK used the services provided by the SpaceTec team to help design their European documents and assist them with going live. GSK's main application software is J.D.Edwards.

Reinhard Schemel their Head of Infrastructure & Operations, and Fritz Worsch his Senior Manager, selected SpaceTec to manage this part of GSK's European project, because of their ability to deliver on time, within a very tight time-scale.

Fritz Worsch said that he was very pleased with how quickly InterForm400 was deployed and the professional support provided by SpaceTec to all the GSK staff in delivering the solution on time. In September 2003 SpaceTec gave a two day training course to a number of GSK staff at their UK headquarters in Brentford Middlesex.

The UK operation under Paul Holding was the first site to go live with InterForm400. John Langley was the main person in the UK to deploy InterForm400 and had a live application fully functional in December 2002. The main requirement of GSK UK was to provide printing to a remote site running RS600, which handle all their deliveries from their distribution centre.

InterForm400 is supplied with unlimited user licences at no additional cost. Also prices are based on the total system rather than the number of partitions. For example, GSK are using InterForm400 on their LPAR boxes and although they are running multi-company applications for their complete European Operation, they only pay a single license cost for each box.

InterForm400 Highlights


  • Box-free software solution, designed for and operating as a true iSeries-application
  • Forms design and spool formatting via JAVA based PC designer, interfacing directly with the iSeries (AS/400)
  • Total freedom in repositioning and formatting spool data
  • WYSIWYG viewing of forms and processed print jobs
  • Automates all distribution, printing and overlay processes for any iSeries application
  • Advanced spool file manipulation features such as conditional splitting, copying, sorting and grouping
  • Output in PDF format and sending of e-mails directly from the host (including ZIP handler)
  • Support for advanced printer finishing systems, such as sorters, staplers and insertion systems
  • Unlimited number printers supported regardless of attachment method including colour and ZPL Zebra thermal printers