Keep an eye on your IBM i™ - 24/7

BlueNote Monitor keeps an eye on all the operations on your IBM™.

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A duty roster ensures that the various incidents are forwarded as SMS to just the right person - who can reply from a mobile phone. Use BlueNote Monitor and send OS/400 commands as SMS directly from your mobile phone.

You can use conditional monitoring and supervise all types of message queues, jobs, message files, system messages, user profiles.

You can even launch programs or start and stop subsystems of your choice.

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Interactive system monitoring 

The System Operator in charge can be notified via:

- SMS or E-mail
- System messages can be received and answered
- Break messages on the 5250 panel - or via alarm calls on a phone

The System Operator can also use SMS to launch applications or start subsystems.

Supervise everything that happens on your IBM ™

BlueNote Monitor can monitor a, message queue, a job, a message file, unique system messages, user profiles, or special messages using conditional monitoring. BlueNote Monitor can among other things, notify you when a job has been completed on schedule.

All events in question can be forwarded as SMS messages to a predetermined person. The full text of the message can also be forwarded  by e-mail. System messages that are sent as SMS from IBM ™, can also be replied via SMS. BlueNote Monitor can besides operational monitoring of IBM i ™, also handle the monitoring of external PLC with its own SIM cards.

Interactive system management

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OS/400 System messages can be answered with an SMS. It is possible to send replies to the received system messages – e.g. with "C" for "Cancel" or "I" to "Ignore". You can actually use BlueNote Monitor to respond to all messages, that are sent as * REPLY.A unique text syntax ensure that it is the correct system messages that are replied – and only handled once.A system message will always be forwarded with an identifier. The first message sent is named AA? the next named AB? etc. to ZZ? when the sequence is restarted.System Messages are answered with a matching syntax. You will use e.g. AA! as identifier on the reply to the very first message.

Bring "Command Entry" in your pocket

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Send 'Command Entry' as SMS.

The System Operator can also send OS/400 commands directly from his mobile phone. The operator can launch programs and start and stop subsystems of his choice. The operator can - if necessary - restart the IBM i ™. And the system is immediately ready to receive new commands as BlueNote Monitor automatically restarts after IPL.

You can also prepare the Monitor system to receive commands, that activates your own programs. 

Security is top priority

All systems control via SMS can only be performed by persons who are already created in the roster in BlueNote Monitor. The phone number on the incoming SMS must match the phone number in the user profile on roster - right down to the country code.

Conditional supervision

Rules for 'Auto Reply'
One can establish a regulatory framework for "Auto Reply". A defined system message can automatically be answered in a given period. Whereas the message is forwarded by SMS or email - if it pops up outside these hours, or occurs more than X times during a predefined period of Y minutes.