It all started way back in the 80's when Patrick Race gracefully fell from the world of MainFrames into the Midrange Market...The AS/400.

Since 1989 Spacetec has gone from strength to strength helping a wide spectrum of organisations running the AS/400.


What do you call yours?

AS/400, iSeries, i5, Power Systems…IBM i


Today we specialise in helping organisation running the IBM i. From Bespoke Work, Applications which will improve business processes, Automate manual work, Mobilise applications for the smart phone/tablet user plus much, much more...


We believe in providing the service of making your business run better - today applications are the key to success...

Without realising it, its highly likely you have already experienced, from the food on your table, cleaning products in your house, the digital media in your front room, parts on your car to the legal documents that keep you safe and sounds.