Free Runtimes! 

Kalipso allows you to create as many mobile applications you need, and deploy them to as many devices as you need, without extra charges, this includes the host communication software (if needed). 


Focus On The Process Not On The Code

With more than 400 functions, Kalipso Studio professional will provide you a very intuitive interface that will allow you, with a simple drag & drop, copy paste etc. to accelerate your development process, for simple and complex apps.  The software guides you with its high level of code abstraction so you can do complex tasks without having expert coding knowledge, mostly you just need to select options within the control.

Bring your professional apps to life with Kalipso, design your form using buttons, combo box, tables, signature capture, graphics etc.  Add actions to the controls then all you need do is test and deploy for your devices.


Deliver apps on time, with reduced costs

With no programming experts needed and a common design platform for both Windows and Android, Kalipso, will drastically reduce your projects development costs, allowing you to deliver your professional apps on time, this will lead to reduced cost and therefore increase your ROI. 


Multi platform And Multi language

Available for all the leading hardware brands (Windows or Android), Kalipso Studio will allow you to design and generate professional apps for the major operating systems and devices on the market today, without the need to buy extra software or licenses.


Exclusive design and personalized apps

With a large range of themes and exclusive icons sets, Kalipso will allow you to develop your user friendly apps with exciting themes and icons sets, saving you time searching for the right icons sets for your professional apps.