InterForm NG Suite


The worlds most powerful OutPut Management tool now has a brother...which is platform independant.

InterFormNG is an Intelligent Output Management solution which gives you total freedom in designing, handling and distributing documents. InterFormNG handles the entire document workflow of your business without the need to reprogram any of your applications.

InterFormNG automatically selects E-forms based on XML data and can then distribute the output across various formats. With InterFormNG you can centrally handle output from ANY system in your infrastructure quickly and easily. No matter the application or platform, InterFormNG is the right solution.

InterFormNG enables :

  • Easy designing and maintenance of documents
  • Subform for the easy maintenance of E-forms
  • XPath for calculations and the definition of variables
  • Language control
  • Barcode printing
  • Embedded PDF
  • Image support
  • UNICODE support
  • Error handling
  • Document routing and workflow
  • Much much more