The IBM i no longer needs to be an island

With dbproxy for IBM i, one can seamlessly integrate top tier databases on external platforms into your internal and external web solutions.

dbproxy makes it easy to develop internal and Internet applications using web or 5250 technology while seamlessly integrating data from any major database running on any major platform. You have DB2 on AIX, Oracle on Solaris or SQLServer on Windows XP? No problem. The choice of remote platform doesn't even matter.

No longer do your different internal systems need replication databases with batch updates, with all the timing & bandwidth problems this can incur. With dbproxy, your applications get up to the second information. Your IBM i finally pulls the Enterprise together.


One License per IBM i

With a dbproxy license on a IBM i, the machine can access any number of external database systems. Implement as many applications as you wish, using as many databases as you wish. Database access is a two-way street, dbproxy can update remote systems as a transaction as well as seek remote information.

Typically in any heterogeneous IT environment, corporate data is held on a number of internal systems. As companies grow and merge, this IT infrastructure can get increasingly complex.


Skills needed

dbproxy is used using standard RPGLE and procedures provided by IceBreak. There is a standard pattern for creating requests to dbproxy and for parsing the XML results, which is clearly shown in example code which can be easily adapted to specific needs.

For web based output, some HTML experience is useful, and CSS is useful but not essential. For integrating databases into 5250 applications no HTML experience is required.

A knowledge of SQL is required.